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  • What is the difference between the wow Visa Prepaid Card and a usual credit card?

    A credit card is issued with a spending limit (credit limit), which the cardholder has access to. The outstanding amount is then due for payment once a month. A prepaid card has to be loaded with credit before it can be used. The maximum loading amount per calendar year is CHF 2,500 with the wow Visa Card, the maximum amount per transaction is CHF 1,000.

Validity & cancellation


Loss & theft

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Everything on the topic of "Security"

We give you a few tips and some information here on how to handle your wow Visa Card securely. Or what to do in the event of fraudulent use of the credit card, loss or theft.

Tips and information

  • Using the PIN code securely
    • It’s best to change your PIN code straight away at an automated teller machine (ATM) in Switzerland.
    • Always keep your PIN code and the wow Visa Card separately.
    • Never make a note of the PIN code on the wow Visa Card.
    • Do not choose an easy to access combination of numbers for the PIN code, such as birthdays, phone numbers, car numbers or similar.
    • Remember your PIN code but never write it down anywhere.
    • Do not tell anyone else what your PIN code is (not even with online payments or our customer service).
    • Always enter your PIN code so nobody can see.
  • Secure online payments

    3-D Secure

    You can also shop securely online with the wow Card. All you have to do is register once. Find out more here.

  • What is the CVC or CVV code?

    The CVC or CVV code is a card verification code on credit cards and prepaid cards. The verification code is intended to make it more difficult to use fraudulent or stolen card details when shopping online. This is a combination of three digits that is printed (not embossed) on the back of the wow Card. It can only be verified by the issuing credit card company as it is not mathematically related to the card number in any way. The service provider may ask you to enter this code to process the payment through your wow Card with online transactions, but also reservations (hotel, car rental etc.) or when processing transactions online or on the phone.

  • Do you need to block your card?

    Oh no! Have you lost your wow Card or has it been stolen? Simply call us. We are there for you round the clock on +41 44 659 69 00.

  • What do I do in the case of fraudulent use of the card and who covers the loss?

    Fraudulent use can never be totally ruled out. However, if you fulfill your obligation to exercise due care as a cardholder (e.g. immediately blocking a stolen card), Swisscard covers any losses that result from the fraudulent use of the card by another person.

    The obligation to exercise due care essentially includes the following rules of conduct:

    • Report any incorrect/fraudulent transactions in writing within 30 days.
    • Do not disclose your PIN (do not write it down, give it to anyone else).
    • Keep your wow Card in a safe place.
    • Have the wow Card blocked immediately by Swisscard if it is lost.

    * You can find the exact obligation to exercise due care in the GTC, specifically in section 7.


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