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"About the wow Visa Card"

The wow Visa Card is issued exclusively by Swisscard. Swisscard is a leading Swiss credit card company owned by Credit Suisse and American Express. Swisscard is the only company in Switzerland to offer all the world’s leading credit card brand products: American Express, Mastercard and Visa. Swisscard manages more than a million cards and is the Swiss market leader in the premium segment and in co-branding cards.

wow Visa Card – simply practical

Swisscard continuously adapts its range of products and services to customer needs. The wow Visa Card is the first prepaid product from Swisscard. This product category is an outstanding addition to Swisscard’s existing range of credit cards. Prepaid cards are becoming increasingly popular. Cardholders value the fact that this gives them convenient and simple access to a secure means of payment that can be used worldwide. The wow Visa Card is particularly ideal for people who want a practical, simple and secure method of payment for daily purchases in Switzerland, with online shopping and when traveling. It’s the ideal payment solution for these requirements, also thanks to how simple and quick the card can be acquired. wow Visa Cardholders also benefit from an attractive range of services from Swisscard. These also include access to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.