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    wow Visa
    Prepaid Card.


Pay with wow:

The wow Visa Prepaid Card: Pay like with a real credit card – online and worldwide at more than 44 million acceptance points. Just much quicker: Simply register it and your wow Card is ready to use shortly after.

Ready to wow?

The wow Visa Card is for anyone who wants to use the advantages of cashless payments. Simply load the wow Visa Card and you can shop all around the world and online. Once the credit has been used up, it can be reloaded here at any time.

Your advantages:

The wow Visa Card is quick and ready for use:

  • 1. Register
    • The card cannot be used without registering.
    • You must be at least 18 years old, have a cell phone and your personal details to hand for the registration process.
    • Only one wow Visa Card can be registered per person.
  • 2. Load
    • The wow Visa Card can be loaded at more than 1,300 post offices at any time.
    • Maximum permitted loading amount per calendar year:
      CHF 5,000
    • A loading fee of 4% of the loading amount is charged every time it is loaded, at least CHF 5 per load.
    • The first time you load it is free, if this is done when you buy the card.
  • 3. Pay*
    • Once the wow card has been successfully registered, it is immediately ready to use for daily payments at 44 million acceptance points.
    • Including mobile, contactless and online payments
    • Maximum loading amount per calendar year: CHF 5,000

    * Cash withdrawals, transactions on the lottery, betting or casinos as well as general transactions over CHF 1,000 are not allowed.

  • 4. Control
    • You can keep an eye on your balance, transactions etc. at any time and anywhere with the free Swisscard app.
    • Free tip: Install it straight away!

Summary of costs

Summary of costs
Annual fee (1st annual fee is the purchase price)1
CHF 39
First load
Each additional load
4% of the loading amount (at least CHF 5)
Foreign currency and cross border handling fee in CHF
Phone service fee (except card blocking and complaints regarding transactions)
CHF 1.90/min.
New Pin Request
CHF 20
Reimbursement of credit to bank account3
CHF 25

1 The account management fee is CHF 3/month if you are in credit after the card expiry date.
2 Only if this is done at the time of buying the card.
3 Only possible in writing. Max. CHF 1,000 per reimbursement to a Swiss bank account in the registered person’s name.

Lots of freedom, very few restrictions:

Maximum amount per transaction
CHF 1,000
Spending limit per calendar year
CHF 5,000
Cash withdrawal, spending on the lottery, betting or casinos
Maximum number of active cards per person
Minimum age for registration
Card replacement
not possible
Lots of freedom, very few restrictions